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IN THIS SECTION, YOU WILL: Get an overview of three resources in the appendix.

As we bring this book to a close, I would like to equip you with a helpful appendix. In this part, I outline three resources that have proven vital in my journey as an IT architect and have reminded me about what I always need to know about crucial aspects of IT practice. I routinely refer back to them and carry them in my practitioner “backpack,” so I added their summaries in the appendix.

  • EIC/ISO 25010 Standard focuses on product quality and system quality models. While imperfect, this standard is a reasonably complete yet compact source for understanding software maintainability, security, reliability, and performance efficiency.

  • Cloud Design Patterns offer a mix of crucial distributed system and messaging system topics combined with modern public cloud engineering themes.

  • Characteristics of High Performing Organizations from the ‘Accelerate’ book by Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim is an excellent source of empirical knowledge about crucial practices of high-performing technology organizations.

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